Hello there! Thank you for visiting my page. This is something i have made for fun and to remember all the food I make so I can look back at them later on.

Well, let me begin by introducing myself. I am a 24-year-old payroll manager working in an Accountancy firm in the heart of Birmingham city centre.

I’ve always had a passion for cooking since i was a very young girl; i would be sitting on the kitchen counter watching my mother cook some of the most amazing dishes which brought our family together for regular meals around the dinner table.

From watching my mother i initially assisted with chopping and then i began cooking my own dishes by the young age of 12. As the years went on i began to go into the kitchen and throw in a little bit of this and a little bit of that into my dishes and there you have it – i had whizzed up something in no time and my family LOVE it.

Farzana this is delicious… how did you make it?

The feedback I would receive is what made me want to go back into the kitchen and continue cooking.  I would also get so many questions from family and friends as to how i made each dish, this is the reason why I thought why not start blogging my recipes, besides it will stop me from having to write the instructions up for my sister a million times and stop her from nicking my recipes and claiming it’s hers.

I hope you enjoy reading my recipes and picking up inspiration as much as I enjoyed making my first Blog.

well… I’ll stop blabbering on now & let you continue reading



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